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“How do you start with nothing and build a portfolio of assets valued at over $650k?” This was the question posed to members of subreddit, r/AusFinance, by prolific Redditter, Romes_Chariots, at 2:11 AM this morning.

As most of Australia’s millionaires of tomorrow will tell you, r/AusFinance is the subreddit that deals with all things Australian personal finance; budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, investing, and saving for retirement. All these topics and more are openly discussed by the group’s 493,000 members.

Before the sun rose on Romes_Chariots new thread, dozens of helpful responses had come through, all of which offered practical investment strategies that Romes_Chariots could employ to reach his financial goal.

However, the subreddit’s supportive discussion was soon hijacked by its Original Poster, as it became clear that he did not care for anybody’s advice except his own.

“Those strategies could work,” he responded to the group, “But that’s not how I did it.” 

Romes_Chariots went on to post a feature film script’s-worth of commentary detailing the highs and lows of his wealth creation journey, double-checking half way through his speech that everyone knew he had $650k in assets.

“Did I mention $650k at the start of this thread?” He wrote. “Because that’s what I’ve got in assets.”

The self-fellatio continued: “My personal finance journey started from humble beginnings. I had to grift and grind for my $650k worth of assets,” he told the group.

“I’m not saying I’m Warren Buffett, but people who know me do call me that,” he continued. “One thing I agree on with WB is that rule number 1 of wealth creation is to never lose money,” he conceded. “WB is wrong in most other areas. But he’s a good kid who means well.”

It appeared that many of r/AusFinance members were somewhat frustrated by yet another egotistical maniac taking up the group’s airspace.

“Humblebragging is hard to do well, isn’t it?” One commenter posted in response.

“What’s it like being the smartest man alive AND having the biggest forehead the world’s ever known?” Another user asked.

At time of print, Romes_Chariots had made no further comments on the thread.


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