1000’s of highly trained experts have today been cast into an existential crisis, after a sledgehammer blow from an Australian intellectual.

Members of the fields of science and economics are currently question the value of their life’s work, after being informed by Tony Abbott that they are members of a ‘climate cult that will eventually be discredited.’

The damning words from the former Prime Minister of Australia, came amidst a blistering take down of these woke scientists, who Abbott says are trying to push an agenda that is incorrect and implausible.

Abbott’s latest comments come as a reminder that former Prime Minister’s physically need to make a headline every few months, otherwise they will be beset by some illness.

A day after John Howard went on a British show to claim that multiculturalism is a failure, Abbott has now ruined the lives of 1000s of researches and academics.

One local researcher who spent 6 years in university to then take a lowly paid job in research before spending her entire career in the field of climate science despite multiple offers of consultancy roles at major resources companies, says she’s been crushed by Abbott’s comments.

“It was just that moment that you hear about, where I realised I’d been indoctrinated all those years ago and been living in a cult,” said the distraught woman.

“It’s devastating to be honest. To learn that everything I know is a lie.”

“I’m just sparing a thought for all the economists and money guys for major resources companies who are now cashing in on the green energy boom.”

“They are going to be out of a job soon, and they won’t get the pension Tony Abbott gets to talk shit and go the funeral’s of dead pedos.”

More to come.


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