Local flakey Dad, Scott Abetz (62) says that if Muslims want to move here, they better learn about Aussie values.

“This wildly varying religion of 1.6 billion people have a different set of family values. A different way of life” he says.

“They are trying to change what we have”

Scott, who has three children from two different marriages in two different cities, says its not just Muslims who don’t understand Australian family values, he says the gays don’t get it either.

In fact, he says most young people don’t respect family values either. His doesn’t talk to one of his sons, after discovering that he changed degrees without telling the family back in 2006.

“My son is one of those typically self-entitled Gen Y brats. He doesn’t understand the concept of hard work and family values”

“He’s out there protesting obscure little causes like the Iraq War and marriage equality. He’s afraid of getting a job at the same law firm for 40 years like I did”

“Don’t get me started on the gays. What do they want next? The right to raise kids. They are just attacking our family values.”

With his remaining un-estranged adult children refusing to visit him after he’s been drinking red wine, Scott says he can already see the effects that migrants have had on his once proud nation.

“Sure, I didn’t go to war. But, I would have. I deadset don’t think any of these whingeing kids nowadays would be fit for it”

“I actually would like my son to go to war and risk his life. He might learn some family values”


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