7 March, 2017. 17:45

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Taking the moral high-ground by throwing her chair in a creek, a local public relations account director has taken to standing at her North Betoota desk – putting her wellbeing first before comfort.

The healthy choice has allowed Julianne Busbey to look down at those who still sit down and work like neanderthals, judging them silently as they slouch and hunch over their keyboards.

“Look at these cucks,” she said.

“Oprah said that sitting is the new smoking. I’ve heard Ellen is replacing her interview seats with interview standing decks. Don’t laugh at me, I’m on the right side of history. These peasants will be dead by the time they’re 70.”

While the vegan said she’s ‘eternally thankful’ for the boutique firm for supplying the standing desk, she was concerned with the tone that a male partner used when she first enquired about it.

“Paul [senior partner] just kinda laughed and rolled his eyes when I asked him for the standing desk, which was disgusting,” she said.

“Then he just said, ‘Yeah, no problem. I’ll have to order it up from IKEA down in Logan. Might take a while!’ then he just cackled and walked off. Unacceptable.”

Though The Advocate has an obligation to follow this developing story, the editorial department has expressed their disinterest in both the story and Ms Busbey.

More not coming.


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