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A popular local motocross enthusiast is tonight facing charges for a string of unsolved oxygen thefts in recent years after being accused of the crimes on social media.

Johnny Butler, third cousin to famous rock-folk troubadour John Butler, took to Facebook earlier this week to publically call out Mark Porter for failing to uphold his end of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ regarding motorbike parts.

Earlier today, Mark was arrested by uniformed and plain-clothed detectives at his home in Betoota Ponds after a short struggle.

The developments have sent shockwaves through Betoota’s close-knit motocross community, which was still reeling after Triple J star, Thom Tilley, almost died in a motocross accident in the NSW  midwest.

However, with Johnny and Mark now embroiled in a bitter war of words over the allegations, the community is now divided.

“We believe Johnny,” said one local enthusiast, who asked to remain anonymous.

“Yeah! Mark has been stealing oxygen – and XR400 air filters for years now and nobody has had the guts to say anything!”

But the praise of Johnny wasn’t universal.

Some say that Mark should be afforded the opportunity to respond to the allegations, which he should be able to do in court.

“This type of social media witch hunt is not helping,” said Det. Colin Gregman of the South Betoota Police Command.

“As we’ve seen before. Anyone can throw allegations out via Facebook or Instagram or what have you but unfortunately, we live in a society with laws and the like,”

“This matter is now before the courts and we won’t be making any more statements until the conclusion of the trial. Thank you.”

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