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Local life partners and civil unionists, Wayne Carmichael and Adam Wolfe, told The Advocate this Sunday afternoon that they and their two adopted children enjoyed a long, hard day at a South Betoota park destroying traditional family values.

“We went to the park after lunch to kick a ball around and attack marriage,” said Wolfe, a 34-year-old high school mathematics teacher.

“Afterwards, the kids wanted an ice cream so we stopped at the BP on Steward Street and got them each a Maxibon and some traditional family values,”

“Now we’re at home relaxing after long day of exercising our religious freedom. Wayne is cooking dinner tonight, thank Christ.”

Wayne himself was equally as pleased about how the day panned out.

“I got socks for Father’s Day [laughs] again! [laughs] Adam got a scientific calculator! [laughs] That’s what we get for letting the kids pick their own presents this year!”

“My own father got some PowerBall tickets from my sister and another year’s worth of disappointment from me and Adam,”

“So nice.”

Destroying family values and cheapening the act of marriage are popular pastimes for many local same-sex parents and today is often enjoyed publically on Christian holidays such as Father’s Day.

A polite, homely lesbian couple from Betoota Ponds made waves last year by letting their adopted teenage daughter complete her own tax return.

“It’s all in a day’s work for us same-sexers,” said Adam.

“Dismantling traditional values and laws that stem from an era when public executions were an acceptable form of punishment and also doubled as a wholesome family outing.”

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