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A local 38-month-old completely lost his mind this morning in a popular French Quarter cafe in a touching tribute to his Dad, who’s celebrating his third Father’s Day today.

Quincy Ryder, 36, received the tantrum just after 11 am in front of friends, family and perfect strangers after he had to explain to his son Dakota that the cafe didn’t serve the fish fingers he wanted for brunch.

Mear seconds after the harsh reality of a fish finger-less breakfast dawn on Tinkerbell Early Childhood Centre student, he started screaming.

Speaking to The Advocate with his upset child cradled in his arms out the front of local institution, Pisse Dans Ma Poche, Mr Ryder said all he wanted for Father’s Day was a bit of ‘God damn peace and quiet’.

“He didn’t sleep very well last night and I thinks he’s just tired,” said Quincy.

“Maybe he’s hungry or maybe he’s shit himself? I don’t know. You know who else didn’t sleep very well last night? Fucking me,”

“Hey! Hey! Dakota! Quiet! I’ll get you some fish fingers for dinner, just stop screaming… Please!”

However, when asked by our reporter to explain his behaviour, a belligerent Dakota refused to answer any questions.

“Fish fingers! Fish fingers!” screamed the popular three-year-old before bursting into tears again.

“I want my Mum!”

“I hate you, I want fish fingers!”

More to come.


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