The Betoota Flight Path District’s PCYC (Police and Community Youth Club) has today unveiled the newest addition to their Kidz Klub activity centre, by commissioning several born again Christian to do a cool little graffiti painting on the brick wall near the basketball courts.

The new mural, which is done in the exact same style as the pieces you see on the side of the city trains, is a hit with the after-school-care kids and aspiring amateur boxers who hang out at the centre in their free time.

The artwork, which just say ‘KIDS’ is pretty cool, according to local youth Kyrone (14).

In fact Kyrone says it’s almost as cool as the other mural in the break room that literally says ‘COOL’.

However, local prudes say the mural might be sending the wrong message, and that there is no style of graffiti that is appropriate – regardless of the pretty colours.

“We said the same thing when the council built the skatepark” said Laurraine Silvertail (66) a member of Betoota Boomer Concerns (BBC).

“The council thinks they are appealing to our youth, but really they are just breeding anti-social behaviour”

“What this new mural tells our youth is that’s ok to hit the streets with a napsack full of Ironlak cans, as long as you only paint big PG-rated murals of youthful buzzwords”

“I would much prefer they spend their evenings inside playing PG video games like Fortnite”


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