Less than 24 hours before Israel Folau kicks off his legal proceedings against Rugby Australia, his Instagram and Twitter accounts have been taken down.

This comes after Israel Folau’s lawyers finally managed to explain to the controversial footballer that it’s actually not just god who can judge him.

Hear our interview with a much nicer Christian Australian below: 

That explanation comes as the committed hypocritical Christian prepares to argue he was unfairly dismissed on religious grounds and asks for $10 million in damages from RA and his contract reinstated.

Despite repeating the oft-touted motto that ‘Only God can judge me,” Folau’s lawyers have finally managed to convince him that a judge of the Federal Court will actually judge him and determine whether they all get paid for Israel posting homophobic content online.

That convincing resulted in the former Wallaby (who was sorely missed in the record-breaking 47-26 drubbing of the All Blacks) admitting that although he assured the nation his faith is more important than anything, it’s not as important as the opportunity to make 10 million big ones.

Despite previously refusing to take down his controversial opinions and give in, it’s believed the impending legal fees that might get lumped in his mailbox if he loses the case help persuade him to take down his social media accounts.

“Yeah when we explained how the whole process actually works, and how he might end up paying a couple of Lamborghini’s in legal fees if he loses, he decided to take down the posts,” said a member of the legal team.

“So hopefully we get the W, because he’s potentially lost any credibility he still had by backing down on something that was apparently more important than anything to him.”

More to come.


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