The light industrial suburbs of Windorah can be a tough place to grow up.

So tough, apparently, that even their local rugby league team is able to get away with a team song that includes quite visual references to sexual intercourse as well as full blown f-bombs.

The Windorah West Windmills were originally founded in 1895 as a community centre for the young persecuted protestants in the area, before morphing into a rugby league club out of a need for health insurance.

The initial first grade side was made up solely of indentured Northern Irish Southern Cross windmill installers, so of course the club mascot was named after the district’s number one employer.

For close to two centuries their ones side has limped on as 5th or 6th place finishers in the local comp, with their status as a ‘foundation club’ being the only thing saving from being booted to a lesser league.

However, it was after years of misery for their players and fans, that a staunch following grew for the underunderdogs of the Channel Country. Commonly referred to as the Rabbitohs Of The Back Country, the Windmills have recently found form under the moneyball coaching tactics of the philanthropic ex-Queensland Cup icons The Jolters Brothers.

Now, with a team made up of fairly decent players, the club is looking good for the semi-finals, for the first time since the Rabbit Proof Fence brought half-decent European imports to the region.

While the club is experiencing the bizarre feeling that comes with having a good season, one thing that hasn’t changed is their team song. Which is being sung weekly in front of young families.

The songs lyrics are as follows:

“We are the Fucking Windmill Boys, we make a lot of noise”

“When the shielahs see us coming, they whip out the toys. Because we make em wet, because we are the best.

“Yes, we, are, the fucking are the fuckin Windmills boys”

“We make a lot noise”

[song repeats 4 times over]

Club officials say that the prudes in the CCRL competition will not be able to get the boys to change the lyrics, and sucked in, because has been the song for over 50 years.

The Windmill continues spiralling.

More To Come.


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