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Because he’s not made of money, a local student has blown the dust off the BitTorrent client installed on his late model MacBook Pro and plans to wait patiently for the latest Game of Thrones torrent to appear online so he can pirate it.

Lewis Caldwell* spoke briefly to The Advocate about his plan to be a straw on a camel’s back tonight, rather than shell out for Foxtel or HBO.

“Because fuck them, that’s why,” said the 23-year-old.

“They make enough money as it is. I can’t really afford a Foxtel subscription, I can’t even afford to live by myself. Young people should be afforded small luxuries such as pirating television shows and movies. I mean fuck me dead, mate,”

When asked whether he’s afraid of being caught by the authorities for his premeditated piracy, Caldwell said he’s not worried at all.

“What are they going to take? I’ve got $27 in my bank account and YOLOEzyFinance owns the better part of my laptop, which is my biggest asset,” he said.

“So they sue me? Who gives a shit. I’ll just declare bankruptcy and join the army,”

“It’s a small price to pay for seeing the odd pair of cans and glorified, gratuitous violence.”

Names have been changed in this article.

More to come.

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