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A French Quarter influencer has proven just how committed to the aesthetic she is this week, by not only decorating her house with the saddest Christmas decorations you’ve ever seen, but also severely limiting the colour palette of her son’s toy wish list.

Boasting 450,000 followers, Rachael Moore is known for painstakingly curating her instagram profile to ensure every single moment of her life is captured, and that she can never ever live in the moment or enjoy life’s milestones without an audience.

Unfortunately, this also means that her son, Braleigh, is also included in this aesthetic, which means he cannot, under any circumstances, have the bright red attack helicopter he saw at Target or a Hot Wheels car similar to the one he secretly stole from his mate Tyler, which he keeps wedged under his pillow.

Instead, Rachael has given Braleigh the delightful option of choosing from a catalogue of sad looking Scandinavian toys made out of wood!

“Um, I guess this one”, points Braleigh, before resuming his colouring with all beige crayons, “the duck.”

“Thanks mum”, he adds, with a sigh that sounds eerily adult like.

More to come.


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