Things are seemingly going from bad to worse for Sydney commuters this week, with the Rozelle Interchange fiasco taking another turn.

The interchange has made national headlines for turning swathes of roads and tunnels into parking lots, with the loudest noise coming from the people in the Inner West furious that they also have to put up with traffic jams like those stupid Westies.

With commute times doubling, tripling or quadrupling for many around the nation’s shittest city, Sydneysiders are now also being hit with hundreds of dollars worth of fines.

As part of a move to ease congestion around the new interchange, the government has ordered a crack team of parking inspectors to start booking anyone who is parked in a clearway around the area.

“We can’t have people just parked in the middle lane of Victoria Road or the Anzac Bridge,” said a spokesperson for the government who is furious that not enough people have been funnelled into the new, very expensive tollways.

“If anyone stops for more than 30 seconds, then they will be hit with a $220 fine.”

“I don’t care if it’s because we have absolutely butchered this new interchange.”

“We need to make sure as many people as possible are paying for the new roads, and if it means we have to do some lifting through parking fines, then we will.”


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