We all know it, Liberal party memberships don’t come cheap. If they did come cheap just anybody could sign up. Don’t imagine it. I did and I’d sooner read Bill Shorten’s autobiography with a foreword by Clementine Ford before imagining that travesty again.

Some have accused the Liberal party of charging a premium membership price because we they are trying to price people out of it which is ridiculous because they’ve never really made it a secret. That’s called being better economic managers than Labor. Bing it sometime.

At the end of the day, most seeking a Liberal party membership have parents that can help them out, either with the enrollment fee or with a high paying job from which to gather funds for the enrollment fee.

Better yet, young Australians looking to join the Liberal party have saved the funds for enrollment by avoiding going on costly drinks with mates. 

And yet, the most pulliest of bootstrap methods has been identified by cracking into the most underripe avocado of all; our superannuation. 

“But isn’t your super meant for retirement?” I hate to spoil it for you but if you’re under 43 you’re not retiring because that would be incredibly selfish. Now that we’ve established retirement is not important/an option, let’s tuck into our super.

Using your super to pay for your Liberal party membership gets everything off to a great start as it is the most Liberal thing you can do. We can’t resist suggesting tucking into your super to pay for a home, car or voulevant so your Liberal party membership should be no exception.

So how do you do it exactly? It’s simple; ask your secretary to Google it on Bing for you.


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