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After being roped in by his wife and eldest daughter, a West Betoota agronomist ventured down to Tasmania for the ‘Dark Mofo’ festival for a much-needed break.

However, Dennis Beckmann explained to The Advocate this afternoon that he didn’t really feel like he had a break and that he didn’t get much of an opportunity to relax while down in the island state.

“It was actually quite stressful,” said the 63-year-old.

“There were a lot of things I saw down there that I wished I hadn’t. I’m a relatively simple man, I enjoy watching the football and cricket. But I’m not that closed-minded. I’ve voted for the Labor Party before. But yeah, that Dark Mofo is something else,”

“You could say I won’t be going back next year. Too many facial piercings and outstanding HECS loans for my liking.”

But daughter, Meredith, is under the impression that her father enjoyed himself more than he’s letting on.

As too is Dennis’ wife Michelle, who said he actually liked some parts of the show.

“He typically goes on and complains about all these ‘dumb lefties’ wasting time on the arts, but I think he actually kind of likes it a bit,” said Michelle.

“But he’s been really quiet since he got back, maybe watching those people rip a bull apart was a bit too much for his little Sky News mind to take in.”

More to come.



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