A recent report from the Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade has found the most important part of any pre-travel preparation is the ‘departure gate photo’ – usually taken by a parent before beginning a two-hour run-around with customs.

The photo, which is usually captioned with something like “see ya [generic city/hometown]” ranks higher than passport drama when it comes to stressful pre-flight rituals.

Popular Betoota girl, Sal FitzSimons (19) has today broken local records by making her long-suffering father, Greg, take eighteen different photos before even giving him a kiss goodbye.

“No! not that close. I’m not wearing make-up” she was heard screeching.

“Oh my God. Dad! Hold it sideways!”

Greg, who has actually had to fork out a fair bit of coin for his stay-at-home, pre-tertiary daughter’s 3-month South-East Asian getaway, diligently does what he is told.

After several consultations with her dad, Sal says she thinks she has enough different photos to work with.

“Ok! Bye! I’ve got to go! I’m running late! Bye!” she says while snatching her phone back.

“I’ll call you from Singapore. Oh my God, do you even know how to use Whatsapp. Ask mum”

“Ok Bye! [kiss]”

Greg was last seen pulling into the Lord Betoota Hotel at 11:28 AM after returning back into town from Remienko International Airport.


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