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A renown local party pooper has failed to rain on a Betoota Ponds costume party overnight.

Tina Colon’s midweek birthday bash has been deemed a success after close to a dozen of her close pals turned up to ring in Thursday with a bang.

The shindig’s theme was ‘Wigs & Jigs’, which was a ‘bit how ya going’ for Mark Rogerson, who refused to dress up for the occasion.

“I mean, first Tina wants us to get wankered on a Wednesday and then she wants us to fork out money for a costume,” said Mark.

“How about you fuck off?”

“Just point me towards the bar and watch me make a cunt of myself. That’s how you party.”

Despite Mark’s negative views on people succinctly narcissistic to have a midweek costume party, the party went into the early hours and those who attended said it was a great night.

Tina spoke to The Advocate a short while ago over the phone and explained that she knew Mark wasn’t going to dress up.

“It was a great night,” she said.

“I got on the brain varnish prosecco and really cut loose. Things got a bit wild towards the end. My high school friend Kate went mad and the cops had to shoot her. Other than that, pretty drama free,”

“Oh yeah, about Mark. Yeah look, he’s a good bloke but fuck he can be a cunt if you stroke his cat against the grain. He’s good value, but. He tried his best to ruin the party, but it was still fun in the end.”

More to come.


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