Local woman, Sarah Parsonson (31) is starting to have second thoughts about settling down with her current boyfriend of five years, Alex.

The fact that Alex has a steady income, positive career outlook, boyish good looks and comes from a nice family simply isn’t enough, when she compares him to her first true love. Bogdan ‘Draz’ Drazic.

“Alex is just so… square” she says.

“He doesn’t rollerblade… He’d never get an eyebrow piercing. I’ve been having some hesitations for a while now”

Played by Callan Mulvey, the iconic Australian TV hearth-throb, Bogdan ‘Draz’ Drazic, was a staple character in the Australian teen drama Heartbreak High for three years between 1996 and 1999. The character’s unrefined bad boy charm is often used as a case study for young Australian women looking for love in all the wrong places.

As Sarah puts it, he was just a well-intentioned Western Suburbs kid with an authority complex.

“He was always hanging around the wrong crowd… Not like Alex, he’s constantly playing it safe. I’ve never heard him tell anyone to rack off in his life”

“He wouldn’t be seen dead in a shark tooth necklace”

“Drazic was just such a spunk”


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