Meet Domenic Rowland.

Successful, confident and on top of his game.

After a number of years working for some of the biggest names in the business, the go-getting 29-year-old is humble in his good future and hard work.

The delicious Gemini is now the executive chef at the triple-hatted Brett’s Oriental Bistro & Grill at Royal Betoota Golf Club – and he’s got big plans.

However, when asked by The Advocate what was the secret to his success, he could only give one reason.

“Somehow, after cooking and working in pubs for ten years, I haven’t developed a crippling addiction to alcohol,” he said.

“I know, right? [laughs] But yeah, so many of my colleagues would just knock off and prop themselves up at the bar and just drive half a dozen schoons into them before they’d even look up,”

“There’s a shortage of chefs at the moment because it’s an absolute cunt of a job until you work your way up the ladder. Sadly, a lot of young chefs just get wasted after their shift, when they could be working on their skills.”

The grand new opening of Brett’s in on tomorrow night.

RSVP by phoning reception at Royal Betoota.

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