In the brain-tearing world of the 24 hour news cycle, it is an inevitability that a slow news day will eventually feature a story about an illegal drug being used to treat mental illness.

Currently, studies are being done on ketamine to treat depression and LSD to treat PTSD, the latter surely paired due to the fact they are both acronyms. 

In Betoota meanwhile, local non-practicing medical professional Darren Leet (34) reckons that a cone of the green corn helps make him more decisive and self-certain.

At least, he’s pretty sure of it anyway.

“For example, if I’m at kickons and it’s kind of shit, I know for certain that I will bail to go home, chop up and watch Rick and Morty,” stated Leet, wearing a cannabis leaf hat that will definitely get him MDT’d if he ever gets his licence. 

“Or maybe not Rick and Morty because of the Roiland shit, although wasn’t that thrown out of court? Maybe I’ll watch I Think You Should Leave or maybe The Prestige because it’s been a while since I watched that.”

“Wait, no I watched it last week with Steve. I think it was Steve, could have been mum, I was a little out of it haha!”

According to Leet, cannabis gets a bad rap as a lethargic drug for no-hopers when in reality it has helped with his confidence in the 1/10 times he is able to actually leave the house to go to an event while ripped.

“It helps me focus and be a lot more certain. Such as right now. All I can focus on is that I’m certain I want another cone.”


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