Coaches and other spectators are puzzled by what could have triggered the high-pitched giggling fit currently taking place in the home-side changerooms at the Betoota Dolphins clubhouse this morning.

After a close win against the Boulia Breakers, most first-grade players have since dispersed into the crowd to talk to their parents and girlfriends ahead of presentations, however, it seems the Polynesian players, as well as the assistant manager and the front rowers, are still fucking around in the sheds.

Team captain, Ryan Carton (33) says he can almost bet what is happening in the sheds right now.

“I guarantee you Serevi has taken control of the BOSE speakers and is blaring UB40 or Frank Ocean” said Carton.

It is believed that several of the clubs stockier whitefellas have uncovered a deep-seated lover for slow jamz, after being introduced to the music by the Islander teammates.

“Greg (run-on prop) had never heard r’n’b music until our bus trip to Windorah last month”

“He’s probably in there moving his hips and singing for the boys as we speak”

With the words “Sing soleh!” echoing out of the changerooms as well as “Oh Oh Oh!” following by near-hysterical giggling – spectators are left to assume that the entire showers are now looking like something out of a Chris Brown video clip – as both the Polynesian and Caucasian forwards bond over their love of hip hop dancing.


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