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In hospitality, there’s nothing more sacred than getting double time on a Sunday shift and earning yourself enough money to pay rent with just one day of work.

For most hospitality venues, the delegation of Sunday shifts is usually evenly split or given to workers who’ve been there the longest. Both options are fair, and the right way of ensuring there’s no hostility between colleagues.

But for the coworkers at The Shifty Hen, there’s been quite a bit of favouritism now that a new manager has come on board – notably towards one of the new bartenders, who could barely pull a decent head let alone make a cocktail.

Though most of the staff harboured some sort of crush towards the foxy manager, many now suspect bartender James might be the one who won her heart.

Our reporter speaks to one of the longest standing staff members to find out what is going on.

“He’s a fucking shit bartender so he must be rooting the manager”, says Anna, “I taught him to use the POS system, now he’s getting all the double shifts.

Adding that he also was allowed an endless amount of smoke breaks too, Anna says it’s pretty clear what’s going on between the pair.

“Yeah fuck that, it’s not fair. I’d root the weird glassie if it got me a Sunday shift.”

“Okay yeah maybe not, but you get my drift.”

It’s later alleged James suddenly stopped receiving the Sunday shifts a few weeks later, when he was spotted getting with one of the waitresses in the keg room.

More to come.


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