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A local man has meekly tried to reignite a friendship after pulling a disappearing act nearly three years ago.

Anthony Williams, known to his then good mates as ‘Nugget’ had reportedly committed the cardinal sin of completely dogging his mates in favour of his new missus, who was understandably not too keen on the idea of weekly benders.

However, swapping Sunday comedowns for mimosas and cruskits wasn’t the only thing Nugget had surrendered, as his mates report that Nugget soon stopped replying to any form of contact, including quietly removing himself from the boy’s group chat.

His whereabouts, evident only from the Facebook posts created by his new squeeze, were the only proof his mates had that Nugget was still, in fact, alive and breathing.

Mates Luke and Will reveal they’d all but given up on hearing from their friend again until one sunny afternoon, a message from the dead appeared on Luke’s phone.

“I was shocked, to say the least”, says Luke, showing the message to our reporter, “I thought he was long gone.”

Though he wasn’t one to pry, Luke says he promptly checked out Nugget’s Facebook page to confirm his suspicions.

Nugget’s profile pic, which had previously been a Snapchat selfie of him and his girlfriend Lisa, was now a shirtless shot of him holding up a mackerel.

“About as transparent as my shower curtain.”

“To be honest I’m still a bit sour about the whole thing. Bloody dog act.”

“I might let him stew in it a bit before I reply.”

“Think about what he’s done.”


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