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A Betoota Heights woman who has finally managed to get her boyfriend to stop dressing like a divorced dad has unfortunately learnt that no good deed goes unpunished, as she’s now made him infinitely more appealing to the ladies.

It’s alleged Harley Bennett had spent a solid year working on this passion project, having resorted to a number of strategies to encourage her boyfriend Kyle to become a sharp dressed man. This has included gifting him multiple wardrobe items for his birthday and Christmas, encouraging him to get into self care, finding him a trendy new barber, and of course, accidentally ‘losing’ his favourite pair of saggy jeans.

However, after going from an undercover cutie to certified hottie, Kyle’s new look is not appreciated by Harley, but other women too – to the point where Harley wishes she had never bought him his first beard wax.

Speaking to our reporter, Harley expresses her regret in making Kyle look presentable, and queries if it’s possible to ‘put the toothpaste back into the tube’, so to speak.

“I’ve made him look too good”, explains Harley, looking severely distressed, “ after he got rid of the beard bum fluff, it was game over.

“Now he’s really into his appearance and getting a bit of an ego, and women keep cracking onto him whenever I leave him alone at bar?”

“Fuck what have I done?”

More to come.


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