The usually calming sounds of a milkshake machine is failing to cure the heartache of a suffering Brisbane Broncos fan this morning, as a local man comes to terms with his grand final loss.

Terry Kilroy (48) from Enoggera has had a particularly tough 48 hours, having lived through the nightmare of coming so close to tasting grand final glory, only to have it snatched from his hands by the Cleary family.

A lifetime member of the Brisbane club, Terry has harboured hopes all year that his beloved ‘Bronx’ could finally bring the Provan-Summons trophy back to Red Hill, a feat not witnessed since 2006.

But having lost to the Panthers on Sunday night, things are a little less bright in the Sunshine State for dear Terry.

Lining up at his favourite Coffee Club at the Brookside shopping centre in Mitchelton, The Advocate can report Terry decided to bypass some recent warnings from his doctor, and order his favourite mid-morning snack, as his wife Chelsea shops for some new luggage for an upcoming P&O Cruise at Strandbags.

Ordering a large strawberry thickshake and a crumbed pineapple fritter from the Coffee Club, Terry decided he’d just drown his feelings in a creamy combo of diabetic goodness.

“Tough weekend aye Terry!” offered up the store franchisee Melinda, as she poured the thickshake into a cup.

“Yeah, it was bullshit…” replied Terry rather flatly, “Same with the Lions. The refs had it in for us, right from kick off. They wanted the southern clubs to win. They hate seeing us thrive”

Seeing a fellow Queenslander in need of a pick me up, Melinda decided a touch of goodwill would be the most cherished item on the menu today. 

“I’ll knock 15% off for you this morning Tez, and I’ve done an extra pineapple fritter up for you too. Icing sugar and all”

“Head up hey, we’ll get em’ next year. Walshys not going anywhere”


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