A man looks set for the relatively bright lights of some international festivals after putting his comedic prowess on full display today.

3rd year apprentice Bruce Shayler did so this morning by taking a break from tagging his mates in photos of dildos on drills, to tag one of his mates in a Pilot ad for Erectile Dysfunction – an issue which affects 1 in 3 men, and a move which has received critical acclaim across the job site and nation at large.

The only man under 60 in Betoota with the name Bruce, said he simply tagged his mate in an ad that popped up in his newsfeed for a bit of a laugh and really wasn’t expecting all the accolades.

“I didn’t realise it was that big of a thing,” he laughed over a 250ml can of V energy drink he got as part of a pie/drink special at the servo down the road.

“I googled something about hair loss the other day cause all the boys were giving me shit and saying I was developing a devon patch, and now my feed is filled with these Pilot ads, and heaps of them seem to be about floppy dick.”

“Do you reckon my phone’s listening to me? People say that they actually listen to what you are saying?”

“Anyway, so I just tagged the other apprentice Sean, cause apparently he reckons he’s gets the worst pilly willy and whisky dick, and now here we are.”

“I know it’s actually a serious issue and all that, so I’m just trying to be kind really ahaha”

“Like he could hit em up for some convenient health advice online aye”

The young man said he doesn’t have any plans for his next hilarious stunt, but is thinking maybe something related to the Broncos and his mates who follow them.

“Or maybe I’ll @ someone whose a bit light on top when the next ad pops up in my news feed.”


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