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Gregory Caldridge, 19, was unable to be consoled by friends last night after a tragic sequence of events led his mobile telephone to run out of battery midway through a concert.

The Brisbane-native made the trip down to the Gold Coast to attend a gig hosted by punk outfit, The Autofellating Anteaters, where he expected to leave with a trove of 10-second videos compounded together into a Snapchat story as well as a number of selfies.

Pals have even suggested she planned on watching the entire show through his iPhone.

However, his dream of having the evidence of a enviable night out in the River Republic were crushed by the Virgo’s inattentiveness to his phones battery.

“He doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now, he even told his Dad to fuck off,” said Lucy Gorilla, a longtime friend of Calridge’s. “It’s his birthday today, too.”

Greg was last seen sitting in a gutter with two other friends shortly before the group left the area and returned on the last train to Roma Street.

More to come.



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