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Independent doctors hired by the National Rugby League have today urged all players to not bother with post-match interviews if they are feeling ‘literally gutted’.

A sharp increase in players, particularly Newcastle Knights and Manly Sea Eagles players, feeling ‘literally gutted’ after football matches has resulted in direct action from NRL CEO Todd Greenberg.

This comes after the news that an unnamed bench player from Western Sydney was hospitalised following a poor performance and subsequent gutting this afternoon.

“We have to worry about the welfare of our players. And if they are speaking up about these health concerns, we should be acting on them” he said.

“It’s a lot like concussion – but I would say a protrusion of the intestine through an opening or area of weakness in the abdominal wall – is a fair bit more urgent than early onset dementia”

Doctor Leon Bott fromSports Medicine Australia says footballers should be aware that certain gastrointestinal disorders can be life-threatening and require emergency treatment. For many people, emergency treatment involves surgery.

“Whether it’s a ruptured or perforated organ, such as the stomach or appendix, or an abdominal wall hernia – these players should seek urgent medical attention” he said.

The doctor says given the notable presence of toxic male stoicism in rugby league circles, it is very bizarre that star players and captains are so freely talking about their gastrointestinal emergencies.

“It’s a real shock. Most of these blokes are quite hesistant to mention even a strained muscle for fear of looking soft or losing their spot in the run-on side”

“Which is why it’s even more bizarre that they are so willing to speak up about their obscure intestinal obstructions”

My advice to any footballers that are ‘feeling literally gutted’ or are feeling a ‘real kick in the guts’ – is to not bother with Freddy Fittler’s post-match interviews and get yourself to hospital.

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