Ahead of dinner with their Maamaan (grandmother), Senator Sam Dastyari has berated his younger cousin, Ashkan for doing exactly what he told him not to do.

Ashkan, under strict instructions from his federal politician cousin, was told to either bring his mum’s Holden Astra or park down the street a bit, where other people from work won’t be able to see the Rex.

Standing out front of Parliament House today, Sam was horrified to see his cousin’s no fuss 540whp WRX STI purring on the rubber wetpour, in plain sight of all his federal colleagues leaving work for the day.

“Are you fucking kidding, mate?” Sam spits at the 22-year-old brickies labourer.

“Way to go full wog on Parliament House! Imagine if Bill saw me getting into this piece of fucking copbait!”

Ashkan, a former u20s rugby league prodigy for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, appeared to take offence at his cousin Sam’s ungratefulness.

“Yeah alright fuckhead! I just drove two fucking hours to get here. You’re off ya fucking head”

“Get in the car”

Senator Dastyari, still fuming with the embarrassment that a political rival might have seen his cousin’s lowered show car, refused to give up.

“Pull ya fucking head in! I gave you strict instructions to park the cunt down the street. That’s if you had to bring this goey sled to the capital”

Ashkan, now standing outside of the car, tells his older cousin to either get the fuck in, or miss dinner at their grandmother’s for the second time this month.

“Maybe next time you can get the fucking Chinese to pay for your flights to Ashfield!”

“I’ve been waiting here for half an hour. I oughta fucking leave you here”

Sam, defeated by his cousin’s quick wit, tries to hurry things along.

“Fuck off, mate. Let’s go”

“I hope you don’t have anything suss in the boot of this shitbox. That’s the last thing I need”


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