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Home on his first uni break, a popular first-year journalism student has told friends and family that we’re all living in a ‘kingdom of fear’ and that the world needs fabled gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson now more than ever.

Bryce Waterman, who convinced himself to enrol in the print journalism course at South Betoota Polytechnic College (SBPC) this year, explained that the state and peace of the world has deteriorated so much that only the laser-like writing of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author can save us.

“He had such a great bullshit detector,” said the middle-class, privately-educated youngster.

“A champion of any cause. In his first book, The Rum Diary, he refers to these people who make the bullshit as ‘bastards’. I don’t want to get into it now but that section of the ‘novel’ really stuck with me,”

“Which I why I chose to study journalism in the first place. Just imagine if Hunter lived to see what the world has become? Imagine if he got to see Trump? God, It’d be brilliant. We need Hunter right now.”


Waterman’s COM701: An Introduction To Journalism professor at SBPC tentatively agreed with his student, taking the time out of his peaceful Easter Sunday to speak to our reporter.

“I too would be interested in hearing what Hunter would have to say about this,” he said.

“Him and Joe Bageant. Joe wrote this book called Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches From America’s Class War – which is fantastic. It might not have salt shakers of cocaine and month-long acid benders but it’s just as entertaining and horrifying as anything Hunter’s written,”

“Food for thought! Have a nice Easter!”

More to come.


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