A Betoota dad is finally demanding some damn respect around here by making a speakerphone call in the middle of his full family living room.

Speakerphone technology was invented in 1948 as a way to trick people into thinking there were ghosts in the room with them, forcing them to sign up to help fight communism.

Nowadays the speakerphone function has many uses both professional, social and in the case of Betoota dad Brian Hardhill (56) psychological. 

Feeling the need to remind his family it was his biological efforts that brought them all here, Hardhill walked into his full family living room, sat on the couch and dialled up a mate on speakerphone just to see how he was doing.

“I think it’s because we ate the leftover pizza without him this morning,” stated eldest son Ricky Hardhill (26) who has been reminded he can go start his own family if he wants to be the alpha any time soon.

“Yeah, it was weird, we had to pause the TV show while he rinsed his mate for playing a sport called pickleball.”

“But I think he really needed it. The other day he brought his old trophies out for cleaning and no one really gave a shit. We should have known he’d do something like this.”

Upon finishing his 40 minute phonecall, Hardhill then informed his family he was just chatting to his old pal and recapped the conversation as if they weren’t there for the whole thing.



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