In a heartwarming yet humbling experience, Local man, Steven Haywood (29) has crossed paths with a group of teenagers drinking in a park and realised, he will never have as much fun as them.

While on his way to meeting some friends and having a night out on the town, Steven encountered the young group arguing over who’s hogging the goonsack and came to the conclusion that no matter how much money he has, he might never attain the sheer, unbridled joy that a group of teenagers, armed with a budget of $14, can find in a dimly lit park on a Friday evening.

“Yeah it just hit me then and there, I’m on my way to an exclusive club night yet I know sitting in a park as a teenager would be a lot more fun.” Steven said.

While Steven seems to think life as a carefree teenager in a park would be nothing but joy, the group of teenagers Steven encountered vehemently disagree with his sentiment. 

“What’s he on about? it’s freezing here and half of us are underage and can’t get in anywhere, plus we have no money, we had to split this goonsack 6 ways.” Said Lucy Mathews (18).

“I can’t wait until I’m older and have a job so I can actually afford stuff, the club looks like so much more fun compared to parks and backyard parties.” Said Dylan Sulich (17)

Professor Sophie Higgins, an expert in the growing quarter life crisis problem (38) has said Steven’s experience is nothing new.

“We tend to forget the headache that comes with being a teenager. Lack of freedom, no money, high school drama and avoiding the police for something as simple as drinking. instead, we focus on the fun side.”

“What Steven is feeling is a common sentiment among former party enthusiasts who used to revel in drug-fueled nights in parks and still wake up at 8 am the next day for an action-packed beach day” explained Professor Higgins.

While Steven reminds himself that he could be looking at the past with rose tinted glasses he does say there are some things he simply can’t do as an adult.

“You just can’t jump a back fence into a house party you weren’t invited too and manage to become friends with everyone, as an adult”.


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