A swimming coach from Betoota Lakes has debuted a new hat this afternoon, as he makes one last ditch effort to stay stylish before the inevitable descent into wearing Gazman clothing.

Joining a table of old school mates at the Betoota Bowling Club, patrons say Gareth Huntington (38) was spotted sporting a brand new Goorin Bros Trucker hat with a tan brim and a graphic of a howling wolf.

“Cool cap mate, where’d you get that?” asked his mate Greg.

“Yeah it’s cool aye, I got it in Byron” replied Gareth pretty sheepishly.

Speaking privately to Gareth later in the afternoon at the trough, The Advocate can confirm today’s fresh piece of headwear is his attempt at merging some country chic into his wardrobe, whilst not falling into the trap of wearing a buffalo leather hat in public and looking like a guy that goes bird watching on weekends.

But tasked with the job of finding a trusty new helmet that’s suitable for afternoons at the pub or nights at a country music festival, Gareth admitted that seeing his favourite commentator Andrew Voss wear a Goorin Bros trucker inspired him to buy one last week in Byron, when he found himself stuck inside a fancy gift shop browsing candles with his partner.

“I had this old Hurley hat, it was a knock off one from my last trip to Bali, but my kids said it was kinda daggy.”

“I did consider one of those black Deus ex Machina ones, but I felt like a bit of a twat cos I’ve never ridden a motorbike in my life.”

“Then I saw these farm animals hats and they seem pretty trendy, I see Vossy wear them all the time!”


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