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A local woman who’s notoriously picky when it comes to choosing movies and TV shows has this week actually given the thumbs up to something in under ten minutes, which may just be a world record.

It’s alleged the woman in question, Olivia Desmond, 27, had prepared herself for at least thirty minutes of flipping between streaming platforms as part of her date movie night, when her boyfriend Matt stumbled upon a series he was sure would appeal to Olivia’s love of the Victorian era and insatiable thirst for crime – The Artful Dodger.

“What about this one?”, he’d queried, having been the only one making suggestions as usual, “looks like something up your alley.”

“Okay, so this guy is trying to be all good and live a new life as a surgeon, but he used to be a pickpocket. I mean, he’s the Artful Dodger right. You know the Dickens character” said the local man trying to show off his literary prowess.

“He’s the Love Actually kid all grown up too,” he laughed, knowing the perfect Chrissy Rom Com reference would likely get her over the line.

“But the bloke who played Lupin in Harry Potter wants him to do one last job.”

Nervously awaiting her reaction, Matt chimed in with one final pitch about it being a British man in a period drama with an element of crime and romance (aka the perfect combo for his significant other) – before Olivia was seen briefly looking up from her phone to give an enthusiastic nod.

“Yep, happy to give any period drama a go”, she’d said, which isn’t unsurprising given her yearly rewatch of the BBC Pride and Prejudice, “pop it on!”

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