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“It’s certainly not what you expect to see at 10 in the morning on a Tuesday,” she said.

“Am I just supposed to pretend like it’s not there?”

It’s that painful time of year for Aileen Woodrow when the car starts making a funny noise just before Christmas.

The 28-year-old told The Advocate she’d usually just let her early 2000’s model Toyota power through the pain but it was simply too much to ignore.

From the outside, Morris & Sons Auto in Betoota Heights looks pleasant enough.

A nice hedge of lavender and a charming green and cream paint scheme – but what lies within rattles most who see it.

“I went in to pay the bill, which was fucking extortionate I might add, and wam!” she said.

“Full frontal nudity right next to the fucking clock! It plain view of customers! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, is this commonplace in the auto repair industry?”

“How can he expect me to hand over two and a hand grand for some new tires, brake pads and wheel bearings with a straight face? I could see half way up that young lady as I was putting my fucking PIN code in! Never again!”

Our reporters reached out to the owner of Morris & Sons, David Morris, who said he understood some of his customers might not like seeing a pair of breasts in the reception office but it’s the industry standard he must comply with.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate, David explained that the current rules and regulations of the industry dictate that he must have no less than seven nude calendars on the premises  – or face harsh penalties.

“They’re actually out of date most of them,” he said.

“That one in the office has been there since 2003. That’s the least offensive calendar in the whole building. There’s not much I can do about that,”

“You should see the smut over at the Volvo workshop. Those Scandinavians are broken on the inside.”

More to come.



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