Local French Quarter girl, Kelly Bourne (28), has today mistakenly used her apartment swipe to tap onto the bus in a moment she’d rather just forget. 

The situation unfolded at a Betoota Grove bus stop moments after Kelly had left a friend’s place she had crashed at after a pointless night celebrating something she won’t remember in 10 years time.

But she will remember this moment.

After half eating her $45 uber eats order, Kelly thought it was time she probably headed home, little did she know that her mistakes would not stop at the overpriced food delivery.

“I just wanted to get home, it was so embarrassing, it took me like 3 taps to realise I was using my apartment swipe”.

Bewildered passengers at the scene say the bizarre moment was both comical but tragic.

“Honestly when I saw her out the window I thought she might just be one of those people that screams at strangers on the bus, when her tap on was declined I was ready for her to have a melt down”. Said Sarah Peterson (33) , a passenger.

“Then I saw her tapping on with an apartment of work security swipe” said Ali Zraika (20), another passenger.

“I thought they introduced some new way to tap on, but then I saw the thing get rejected, it was all a bit confusing to be honest”.

Kelly was able to realise what she was doing wrong after a few failed attempts and a confused look from the driver.

“That was the most embarrassing part about it all, I looked at him as if his machine was broken, thinking I was in the right the whole time, then he just gave me this confused smirk and that just confused me” she says.

“It was only resolved when I realised the thing I was holding had a fucking lanyard attached to it…. Keep in mind there’s several people behind me trying to get on the bus at this point also.”

Local bus driver, Shiva (49) says he was just happy he didn’t have to explain to her what she was doing wrong.

“I could see instantly what she was doing wrong, and i’ll be honest, I let her do it, it was amusing”. Said Shiva, while smoking a cigarette back at the depot.

Kelly was eventually able to get on the bus and sit through the awkward bus ride back home spent mulling over this now core memory.


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