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An innocent quest to find a groceries list has unfortunately resulted in local bloke Taylor Hardern questioning everything he knows about his relationship, after discovering a rather dubious looking list on his girlfriend Kayla’s phone.

It’s alleged this incident occurred last Sunday at the Betoota Heights Greengrocers, where the happy couple were seen laughing and joking as they collected items for the night’s dinner. But what should have been a happy affair quickly devolved when Kayla had passed over her phone for Taylor to hold on to, having forgotten to grab her prescription from the pharmacy.

Informing him to use the grocery list she’d typed up, Kayla had no idea the spiral of events that would occur from that one, small moment. Nor would she have handed it to him, had she remembered the other kind of notes she had floating around on her phone.

Taylor tells The Advocate that he’d accidentally exited out of the Notes app and had simply been trying to get back in when he found a list of 17 men’s names on her phone – including his very handsome friend, Diego.

“It’s a pretty weird list, not sure what it means”, he says, to which our reporter just shrugs, “Diego is an oddly specific name so surely it has to mean my Diego?”

“She can’t be planning a surprise Birthday party because I don’t know most of these blokes.”

“How strange.”

More to come.


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