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Barrelling down Adelaide Street in the heart of Betoota’s Financial District, a top-heavy auditor meandered down the footpath back to the office like mighty Ord River flows into the Timor Sea.

Graham Washbrook has a sweat on.

He’s just been down the road at the local Chinese, were he threw caution to the wind and hoovered a Chicken Chow Mein and a full-strength Coca-Cola.

The 28-year-old faceless Betoota KPMG employee knows deep down that nothing much else will be done today – he will merely occupy his space behind the desk and wait for 5 o’clock.

“That was at least two kilograms of food,” he said.

“I can feel the MSG coursing through my veins. Is this what dying feels like? Joe Rogan told me that DMT is released from your spinal fluid just before death. I’m seeing stars I’m that rooted,”

“Time is passing slowly.”

Thinking a coffee might be able to cure his lethargy, Washbrook went downstairs again to get a strong coffee.

Sadly, this only raised his heart rate substantially and didn’t offer much in the way of an energy boost.

More to come.



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