A local big unit has let out a seismic sigh of relief this evening after realising that untucking his shirt is now fair game.

Four hours into the work Christmas party for Bogtrotter Capital, IT support technician Craig Carisle (38) has decided he’s got permission to loosen a few notches on his belt buckle, the hardest working piece of leather in the room.

Having sat on stale imported European beers for the last few hours, The Advocate believes Craig unlatched his 44’ inch belt after watching his senior managers start whipping their cards out and start shouting a few of their favourite employees some Fireball shots.

Slipping by the bathroom to readjust himself, The Advocate spoke to ‘Big Craig’ as he ripped his Van Heusen shirt from underneath his trousers and gave his sweaty nutsack a bit of a breather.

“Mate it’s 34 degrees out there and no hint of a breeze, I’m sweating like two rats shagging in a wool sock” Craig told our reporter as he splashed some water onto his tomato red face.

“Half the beers are warm and they’ve been bringing out little boxes of chilli noodles, this party is an absolute slog in this heat.”

Now that he’s been able to release his hips, Craig said he was finally comfortable enough to make an appearance on the dance floor.

“Now that I can move, I may have a dabble,” said Craig, wiping a thick layer of sweat off his neck with some paper towel.

“I might duck outside for a dart first, just need something to cool off..”

More to come.


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