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Are you a bloke in your mid thirties looking to start a hobby? Check out our short guide of the only six hobbies you’re legally allowed to choose from.

Becoming An Expert On Hot Sauce

Whether it’s because your taste buds are starting to wither, or because you quite literally want to inject some spice into your life, nothing screams ‘I’m in my mid thirties’, more than becoming an expert on hot sauce – including knowing the scoville heat scale of every chilli. You’re going to lather this shit on everything. Pasta? Hot sauce. Steak? Hot sauce. And whenever people come around for dinner, you’re going to bring those bad boys out like a toddler showing off his truck collection. They don’t want to try some? Too bad, you’ll keep nagging them until they do.

Starting A Whiskey Collection

A whiskey collection is a great way to let people know you’re a man of culture who’s making a decent wage – especially if you have some of that nice Japanese whiskey. You’ll likely have these as a focal point in the living room, perhaps on a bar cart. Those who collect whiskey are also likely to have a very expensive damascus steel knife set.

Smoking Meats

There’s just something so ancient and mystical about the process of smoking meat – the smell of the spices, the billowing of smoke rings. It’s almost like you’re a wizard. Found to be like barbecuing but more hectic, smoking meat takes a bit longer but the pay off is well worth it – especially when you hand a sliver of brisket to your mate that’s so delicious, his eyes roll back in his head.

Running A Half Marathon

Training for a half marathon is a relatively low stakes exercise that can allow you to feel as though you’ve achieved something. As everyone knows, people who do running as a form of exercise are just trying to run away from their problems, which is perfect for a man in his mid thirties. This hobby is best paired with listening to the same music you’ve been playing since you were a teenager. Or some boring podcast.


Nobody actually likes golf, but it’s a popular activity for blokes in their mid thirties as it’s low effort and provides an opportunity to catch up with mates. In fact, golf can be the perfect refuge for talking about the tough shit going on with your life, which adheres perfectly with the number one rule of being a man – you can’t talk about your feelings unless there’s an activity involved.


Getting into MMA is pretty much inevitable for a bloke in his mid thirties, whether that’s just watching it, partaking in it, or both. There’s just something so masculine and primal about watching two shirtless, sweaty men beating the absolute shit out of each other.


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