Australian rugby union is no longer a sleeping giant, or even an underdog, as Wallabies fans now find themselves playing the role of the wobbly lamb.

This follows a whirlwind 6 months that saw Rugby Australia sack the last coach for his inability to improve on the results that saw the coach before him sacked, and the coach before him sacked, and the coach before him sacked.

In fact, this cyclical system of sacking coaches for sugar hits goes all the way back to when Eddie Jones first had his contracted terminated following a loss to Wales in 2005.

And just like any cyclical system, Eddie found himself back in the top job nearly two decades later – after finding success coaching Japan and England.

We appear to have come full circle today, with rumours that our 2023 loss to Wales might be Eddie’s last hurrah once again.

Except this time, it sounds like he’s leaving on his own terms.

With the Wallabies already on a flight home from the World Cup before the knockout stage for the first time, Jones is reportedly set to quit as head coach.

Multiple reports, both in Australia and overseas, claim Jones is expected to take over as Jamie Joseph’s successor and will be named Japan’s next head coach.

This living hell has not yet been 100% confirmed, but would be a ‘very Australian rugby’ turn of events.

There is still the odd chance that Eddie is playing those famous NRL-style mind games with the media, after taking the brunt of the criticism away from the players after their early exit from France.

But then again, there is also the chance that he was only really brought in by the Mosman powerbrokers to execute the older Millennial Wallabies under the narrative of blooding in a new generation.

Whatever the case may be, Australians had trusted that Eddie knew was going to stick around for another World Cup – and knew what he was doing – even if we all know that deep down our winning Wallabies side is currently playing reserve grades deep within the Penrith Panthers system.

His yet-to-be announced departure could mark the imminent death of Australian rugby internationals.

Or, it could give the board a sugar hit of confidence before they appoint yet another coach that they will tell us they believe in – before sacking him after we get pumped in every match of the Lions tour.

Right now, all Australian rugby fans can do is keep the delusional faith that the rumour isn’t true… and that Eddie DOES have a plan.

Eddie’s not leaving us, surely?


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