In a groundbreaking survey conducted across suburban Australia, results have revealed a new kitchen appliance thats on a growing number of Christmas wish lists.

The study, commissioned by the Institute of Festive Gifting (IFG), disclosed that a whopping 76% of women have boldly proclaimed their desire for an air fryer as this year’s ultimate Christmas gift.

Dr. Yule Giftworthy, chief researcher at IFG, commented, “This is a monumental shift in seasonal gift preferences.”

“Forget the jewellery, perfume, or even those luxurious spa vouchers; it’s the kitchen countertop appliance that can mimic deep-frying by circulating hot air rather than submerging your food in masses of oil that’s ruling women’s wish lists this Christmas.” Yule continued.

Who knew the promise of quick and easy guilt-free crispy delights could have such a chokehold on women in 2023.

This revelation has prompted retailers to scramble their inventory, bracing for an unprecedented surge in air fryer sales.

More to come.


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