1 September, 2015. 16:23

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THE US DEPARTMENT of State has revealed figures today that outline the nation is only a few black-on-white gun-related crime cases away from acting on the issue.

The startling revelations come as the fanatical firearm loving country comes to terms with the brutal murder of a young professional white woman live on TV before the African-American gunman turned the gun on her cameraman.

It was a crime that shocked the world.

Unlike the swathes of other gun-related deaths that happen all over America every day, this one was different.

A paper published by a leading academic psychologist pulled the trigger today, which prompted an official response from The White House.

Research author and professor Cormac Dellaroux wrote in his landmark paper How Many More? (White deaths) that the racial cross-pollination of firearm violence is the only way to get Congress to talk seriously about gun control.

“You see, when people of other races kill white people with guns, it makes people want to talk about the problem,” he wrote.

“When Hispanics kill other Hispanics, it’s usually over drugs. When black people kill other black people, it’s usually gang-related. When white people kill other white people, it’s much easier to blame it on poor mental health,”

“However, when a black or Hispanic person kills a white person, it’s a hate crime. When a white person, who’s typically a policeman, kills a black or Hispanic person – it’s almost always a justified homicide.” he wrote.

The recent spate of white people dying at the hands of unstable gun-toting black assailants has been enough to garner the gun control debate with international press coverage, which signifies that change could well and truly be on the horizon.

Media and social commentators have unanimously agreed that it might take another four or five examples of black-on-white gun murders to get the issue before a vote. In particular, one analyst said that another Sandy Hook-style event could the catalyst.

Sam Gilmour from KBBL FOX24 Orlando is known for his ultraconservative stance on guns, climate change, Jews, same-sex marriage and the rest of the social issue wheelbarrow and even he agrees that the nation is only a few white deaths away from change.

“When will we all wake up?” he asked his viewers last night.

“People are dying every day from guns and yet the nation still isn’t ready to sit down and talk about it. These people aren’t just white, they’re college-educated and from decent All-American tax-paying middle-class families. I mean, look at Australia. It took thirty-five white deaths Down Under at the hands of a mentally-ill white gunman. Bang! The Aussies said no more,”

“Praise the Lord on high, we need Jesus love to help us get through this.” he said.

At the current rate, black-on-white gun violence claims the lives of twelve Americans each year – which experts say will lead to the gun control debate to be discussed in Congress by the end of the year.



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