30 July, 2014. 13:55


Todd Greenwood


This 51-year-old man from Queensland says “Adam Goodes is being booed because he is a f**kwit”

“It’s obviously not a race thing… Other Aboriginal players don’t good booed”

Todd Greenwell works as an accountant in Ipswich, in Brisbane’s south-east corner. He says after an entire week of headlines, he really has had enough with this Adam Goodes “nonsense”.

While admitting that he doesn’t actively follow the AFL, Mr Greenwell says he has followed the Adam Goodes saga closely enough to know that “the bloke is an arrogant piece of work”.

“…and the whole spear-chucking thing isn’t helping his cause”

Adam Goodes scares "the shit out of" the greater AFL community with his "deadly" war dance
Adam Goodes scares “the s**t out of” the greater AFL community with his “deadly” war dance

“The hide that bloke must have,” he says

“He’s been awarded the Australian of the year, and then goes and throws in back in all of our faces by offending innocent members of the crowd with his Aboriginal stuff,”

“…If I were at a game, I’d boo him too. He deserves it and he’s playing the victim, and the race card… All the journos agree

“Why can’t he act like the other black footballers. They are just like the rest of us and they don’t get booed”


  1. What can I say other than Clancy has got it wrong. typical of those Hanson Rednecks from Ipswich, Adam Goodes is a leader, and not afraid to stand up for his people. the AFL should use a water hose on a boo,ing crowd. hose primed with urine,

  2. I agree with Adam Goodes here; he is clearly a hominoid not an ape. Yet again, our educational system is letting down our young people when a second year high school student cannot distinguish between her taxonomic families.

    In the future I would recommend using the more correct identifier primate or even the permissible great ape when carrying out anthropological endeavours.


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