23 October, 2015. 16:05

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

With the success of Betoota’s Weekly Wireless News Update, our humble Outback newspaper has been headhunted by the multi-national film and television streaming service, Netflix.

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It is believed executives from Netflix have spent the last two weeks attempting to make contact with the Betoota Advocate’s editors after stumbling across several of our articles through an inappropriate staff email chain.

Wyatt Bernstein, CEO of Netflix Australia & New Zealand says he believes a partnership with The Betoota Advocate is exactly what their service needs to combat the competitive ratings stronghold held by the ABC and Channel 9.

“If we can get Clancy and Errol [Betoota’s Editors] on a panel with an assortment of uncouth Labor politicians and offensive right-wing activists… I think we have the right concoction for somewhat of an Australian panel television renaissance,”

“Boat-race drinking games, quizmaster sessions and surprise kareoke… It’s just what modern consumers of light entertainment need,”

“After I saw their work in Canberra, I got to thinking… This is what’s missing… Less Stephen Fry, more Betoota!”

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