Homeless Brisbane man, Jai Torima says his state of helpless destitute is about get a whole lot worse, even though Pauline Hanson insisted twenty years ago that she was going to look after him well before anyone else.

With a range of mental health conditions and a complete lack of occupational readiness, Mr Torima realises that an influx of Syrian Refugees is going to make things very hard for him.

“So many resources will be redirected from me when a community of mostly qualified professionals are settled into regional towns over 700 kilometres from here,”

“Here I am just trying to find where my next meal is coming from, and then I hear that the Coffs Harbour city council are providing housing to the dispossessed asylum seekers who have fled a brutal extremist regime with nothing but the shirts on their back,”

“It’s a concern… What does this mean for the soup kitchen?”

Jai, like a large number of concerned Australians, acknowledges that developed countries like Australia can in no way afford to support both the 105,237 homeless in this country, as well as the yet-to-arrive 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Especially when you consider the nation’s prison population of 35,000, who currently receive three hot meals a day.

Local TAB manager, Wendy White says she is all of a sudden very concerned for the welfare of Australia’s homeless – that’s why she voted for Pauline Hanson.

“We need to look after our own first. Or at least at some point,”

Wendy says she was never really concerned about the plight of Australia’s homeless population, that was until she heard the news of a refugee influx.

“I mean, I have never been to Coffs Harbour or Geelong, but when I heard that their local councils had put their hands up to take in refugees… I was shocked!”

“It’s one or the other. We can barely look after not-Homeless people.”

“We need to look after Team Australia before we can even think about innocent children who are fleeing horrific war crimes,”


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