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Former Queensland and Australian NRL representative, Steve Price has made an impassioned plea to the frustrated female viewers of last night’s Q&A to please stop sending him hate mail.

“Please stop. You’ve got the wrong bloke,” he said.

The former Canterbury-Bankstown prop’s comments after he became aware the he had been mistaken for radio shock jock of the same name, who shocked the nation last night on Q&A when he labelled a fellow female panelist “hysterical” for berating him for defending Eddie McGuire in the Caroline Wilson “drowning” saga.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Steve Price the footballer said he’s been confused with a few blokes in his life – but none as offensive as the conservative commentator of which he is currently fielding emails.

“Other than my name, I’ve got nothing in common with the bloke,”

“I’m a Dalby boy who made a living running through Tongans on the football field. I am a big supporter of equality and a staunch opponent of violence against women,”

“I would never make those kinds of comments”

Price (footballer), who’s daughter Jamie-Lee Price is a professional netball player who currently plays with the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic in the ANZ Championship, also condemns Eddie Mcguire’s comments.

“In the sporting world we have expression for blokes like Eddie McGuire,”

“Nice enough bloke, but you wouldn’t wanna take him fishing,”

“He… never made it as a footballer and now spends his life pretending to be an authority on football.”

“If he was talking about one of my girls I’d be flying down to Sydney and giving him a Toowoomba kiss [to head butt someone after wedging a bank card in their mouth]”

“The same goes for that dickhead who has dragged my name through the mud. They wouldn’t last a minute in the Darling Downs with mouths that big.”

As a conservative commentator, the non-footballing Steve Price has made a career out of begging society to not make him feel uncomfortable. His ability to insult people who don’t see eye-to-eye with his privileged existence as a white male baby boomer has made him popular with the large Australian demographic of people who have never met a gay person.

Non-footballing Steve Price berates a female for not feeling comfortable jokes about killing females
Non-footballing Steve Price berates a female for not feeling comfortable jokes about killing females

However, unlike the Australian international representative Steve Price, who retired as Queensland’s most-capped State of Origin forward, non-Footballing Steve Price has never been required to pay attention to cross-cultural sensitivities.

“Anyone who disagrees with me obviously hasn’t ever grown up in a comfortable middle class existence surrounded by functioning alcoholic men and timid wives” non footballing Steve Price said to his hundreds of ageing listeners on his talkback show this morning.

“They need a reality check. Boys will be boys… and nothing says larrikin than making a joke about drowning an already intimidated female rival on national radio,”

“This is PC gone mad!”





  1. The footballer Steve Price wouldn’t dare make misogynist comments – his wife and sisters-in-law would kill him!!!


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