Dawn Fraser, an obscure authority on the behaviour of young male tennis players, has upset thousands with her bizarre racist tirade.

7 July, 2015. 16:05

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Dawn Fraser, an obscure authority on the behaviour of young male tennis players, has upset thousands with her bizarre racist tirade.
Dawn Fraser, an obscure authority on the behaviour of young male tennis players, has upset thousands with her bizarre racist tirade.

OLYMPIC legend Dawn Fraser has launched a vile tirade on polarising Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios after his Wimbledon loss.

And now everyone has stopped talking about how much of a wanker Kyrgios is.

Fraser, a four-time gold medallist and one of the country’s most celebrated athletes, was questioned about Kyrgios’ performance in his fourth-round defeat against Frenchman Richard Gasquet.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. I am so shocked to think that he went out there to play and he tanked … that’s terrible,” Fraser told Channel 9’s The Today Show.

Dawn Fraser took things way too far by suggesting both Kyrgios and his fellow Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic, should “go back where their parents came from”.

Born in Canberra, Kyrgios is the son of a Greek-born father and Malaysian-born mother. Tomic is German-born with a Croatian father and Bosnian mother. The family migrated to the Gold Coast when Tomic was three years old.

Dawn Fraser, born in working-class Balmain and raised on Rugby League and Resch’s – obviously found the ancestry of these players to be a little too exotic. However, as many non-racist critics have pointed out, their nationalities are of no importance when compared to their generally unlikeable personalities.

“They should be setting a better example for the younger generation of this country, a great country of ours,” Fraser continued.

“If they don’t like it, go back to where their fathers or their parents came from. We don’t need them here in this country if they act like that.”

A young Kyrgios rocking a less-shit haircut
A young Kyrgios, in Australia (because he is Australian) rocking a less-shit haircut

Kyrgios took to Facebook to hit back Fraser, writing: “Blatant racist, Australian legend.” in an acceptable response.

Kyrgios, a well-know wanker, has made headlines recently due to his painfully contrived “bad-boy” behaviour and his equally as painful haircuts.

A perfect opportunity for a dinosaur like Dawn Fraser, chairman of Wests Tigers NRL, to talk about how much of shit bloke Kyrgios is has been ruined by her inability to not trace the mediocre stars ancestry.

As usual, when his behaviour is pushed under the spotlight, Kyrgios has stated he plans to debut a “far, far, far shittier haircut” next time he fronts the press.


  1. Leave Dawn alone ,she isn’t alone in her thinking and is what she said makes her racist a lot more of us are racist as well ,Whether he is born here or not ,Dawn is worth a dozen of the self-centred little git

  2. I agree, we love you Dawn. The main point you tried to make was that this bloke was not acting like we as australians expect our sportsmen and sportswomen to act. We expect them to play hard but fair and give it their all and quite clearly Kyrgios does not. I cant believe all the attention from kyrgios’s disgusting display has been deflected by what Dawn said. I felt ashamed to be Australian watching Kyrgios act like a 10 year old and it will be my last watching him. Good bye and good riddance.

  3. Our DAWN-ee got herselfs a AO and MBE. She should be given a knighthood by the Strayan prime minister next Australia Day. Theres no hope in hell of our DAWN-ee ever having dual citzensheep cos shes an icon. WE need we demand a royal commission into this issue. No ifs or buts about it. Wheres A Current Affairs and Ray Martin from the ABC when youse really need them? The best way to sort this hole kafuffle is our DAWN-ee run for politix again and appoint her ministeress for multiculturism and ethnic affiars and immigration and border patrol. Carn the Tigers.

  4. Being a racist gay I personally think is worst then being a racist, but what’s more insidious is how her views were not challenged by the interviewer, her sporting achievements are undeniably impressive which is not up to debate however for a minority that’s seeking economic equality through marriage equality and being discriminated against due to sexual orientation should understand how it feels like to be discriminated against especially when insensitive words are used to propagate rascisit sentiment within the community.


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