7 July, 2016. 13:30

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In yet another blow to youth culture, Premier Mike Baird has today announced the decision to ban Greyhound Racing in New South Wales completely from July next year.

It follows a Special Commission of Inquiry, the findings of which were handed to the state government last week.

This announcement comes not even six months after over 15,000 young people marched through Sydney’s CBD against the staff cuts, venue shutdowns, a lack of personal freedom and lost opportunities for young musicians that have resulted from the State Government’s lock-out laws on licensed venues across New South Wales.

“This is another unnecessary blow to our youth culture in Sydney city” said pro-Greyhound racing activist and campaign director of Keep Greyhounds On Track, Bryson Vo.

“It’s not just old Greeks and Italians down there at the track. This is one of the few things that young people can do in this city without being forced to pour money into a pokie machine,”

“First he came for our pubs, and we didn’t act because very few of us were pub owners. Then he came for our farms in the Liverpool Plains, and once again we didn’t act because very few young people are Liverpool Plains farmers,”

“But now he’s coming for our Greyhounds. It’s stops here Casino Mike”

A recent survey commissioned by TAB found that over 30% of people in Sydney under the age of 40 are owners, or part-owners, of a competitive greyhound. Mr Vo says that it’s quite easy to see the agenda behind Baird’s new ‘lock-out’ on the competitive racing of domestic animals.

“It’s very clear that he’s in bed with developers. Another example of where political corruption takes priority over our youth,”

“We are locked out of superannuation, locked out of the housing market, locked out of the pubs, late night kebab stores… and now… We are locked out of Wenny Park, fuck ya.”

Mr Baird said the Special Commissions of Inquiry’s report found a large scale of animal mistreatment across the sport, but also pointed out that Wentworth Park in Sydney’s CBD could easily host a third casino if they “got rid of all those lowbreed punters and put a few cashed up chinamen on the job”.

The ban will come into effect on July 1, 2017.


  1. Oh for goodness sake. Please do your research before you write such a biased article. The suggestion that 30% of people in Sydney under the age of 40 are owners, or part-owners, of a competitive greyhound is ludicrous.
    I am sure young people have much better things to do in their spare time than be involved in the cruel, barbaric sport of greyhound racing. I congratulate NSW Premier Mike Baird on having the courage to ban this outdated ‘sport.’

    • Christine. Do you know where you are? Do you know how you got here? Do you know what the Internet is? Please do us all a favour and remove your self from the Internet permanently you’re embarrassing yourself and your children and their future children.

  2. Christine. You’re smarter than that. Baird is a right wing religious nut job who supports CSG mining and believes God gave him dominion over the land and all the animals.

    Wake up fool!! He wants to sell the race tracks!! There’s nothing left to sell

  3. Well said Mr Vo!

    LOL @ Christine! How about you “do your research” into exactly what kind of website you’re currently looking at. I honestly don’t know how some people make it through life…

  4. If the park is turned into units, the government could require that the body corporate allow large house pets in the form of greyhounds.

    • Yeah you’re close, except I heard the theme for the apartments is ‘dog suit Fridays’. Apparently they’re playing for the ‘furry dollar’ from Japanese investors disillusioned with the domestic performance of the Yen.

  5. Hey Baird, What’s next? Race horses? Where do all the slow thoroughbreds go Mike? Too gutless to pick on that crowd,….for the time being. Maybe the trots is a good next target. Is it currently wrong to keep chooks because you have to kill all of the surplus cockerels to stop em all rooting and scrapping each other to death. Is castrating steers and wethers out too? I know lets all run a refuge for gay domesticated animals and become vegans!! Get out of Sydney, discover the real world and leave the dogs alone you miserable c_nt!!!

  6. Big trouble for Baird now – Sam Neill is on his case. Will it be a wilderbeast, a cold war spy or the prince of darkness that gets him?


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