One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson has been touring the state of Western Australia this week promising voters that her party is the only one that will be able make life as spectacular as it was during the WA mining boom.

She has repeatedly stressed that voters themselves should take control of their preferences, and to remember that One Nation is the only party that represents the disgruntled middle class who didn’t make very good decisions about how to spend their influx of household income during the mining boom.

It appears that with over fifty candidates, that she has only really spoken to over the phone, the federal senator – who will have nothing to do with the day-to-day operations in Western Australia – is under siege with threats of legal action and abandonment from within her ranks.

This last-minute mutiny comes after her candidates realise that she isn’t that nice and caring in real life, and is what some of them describe as a ‘puppet’ for big business and the Liberal party.

In a last minute dash to secure votes from the jaded working class, Pauline Hanson has promised that she will come down hard on any of the major banks that attempt to repossess jet skis, dirt bikes, 4x4s, or plasma screens that were impulsively purchased during the Western Australian mining boom.

“You are Australians. You deserve better than to be told no” she said.

“Just remember, One Nation is the only party who represents those of you who made astronomical amounts of money during the mining boom and can’t understand why you’ll never find a salary that good again”


With just two more sleeps until Saturday’s election, there is no shortage of controversy and drama on the WA campaign trail as tensions have erupted between the Nationals and Liberals, and some Liberal MPs received death threats. Pauline Hanson says both the major parties are forgetting the needs of the everyday Western Australians.

“We understand your worries and concerns. We understand what you’ve lost”

“Which is why One Nation is promising cheaper flights to Bali”

“We promise the only Muslims you will have any contact with will be the ones trying to sell you cheap UFC merchandise in Kuta beach”


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